June 2011
The Enterprise I'm Home report, and the process leading to its development, is the culmination of a number of initiatives designed to remember and honour the positive impacts of the Enterprise Hostel in Springvale.

Enterprise History Project

The exhibition and participation generated a considerable groundswell of interest particularly among the people who had lived at Enterprise. In response to community interest in a permanent and public acknowledgement of Enterprise, funding was then sought to consult the community about how this could be done. A grant was received from the former Department of Planning and Community Development and the landscape architects Sinatra Murphy Pty Ltd were engaged.
Consultations with former residents and Enterprise workers were held at Lexington Gardens who generously hosted all the consultation meetings.  Participants all had vivid memories of the time spent there.  They spoke about the warm welcome they had received and, in addition to the services provided at Enterprise, the wide range of support the community had provided.

At the conclusion of the consultation the I’m Home report was produced which gave the following recommendations:

•    Propagating and naming a new rose because the rose garden was the first sight that greeted people when they arrived at Enterprise and it gave them a sense of hope that they would be cared for.
•    A Tribute Garden at Lexington Gardens Retirement Village, the site of the former Enterprise Hostel
•    A Trail of Significant sites throughout Central Springvale
•    Ensuring that this rich history is reflected in the creation of the new Springvale Library and Civic Centre
•    When the library is built a community walk commencing at the Lexington Gardens Retirement Village and finishing at the library.

Click here to view Enterprise I'm Home Report (in pdf format)