The Spirit of Enterprise Project  is currently working on a Trail of Significant Sites, which include sites of organisations which played an important role in the settlement of the newcomers. All of these sites will have some form of public and physical acknowledgement of their importance to the eventual resettlement of many thousands of people.

enterprisegroup800Enterprise Hostel Community Group: Back Row Rosemary McCleod, Don McCleod, Phin Sinatra & Jim Murphy (consultants), Jan Trezise
Front Row Heather Duggan, Merle Mitchell, Betty Wilderman, Eric Mitchell    Missing Joyce Rebeiro

The Enterprise Hostel Community Group is currently developing a ‘trail’ of public art, taking in locations which were significant to the settlement of migrants and refugees in Springvale. Locations include:

All these locations were included in the accompanied walks for residents, orienting them towards their new home.  The late Sherron Dunbar, a worker at the Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau (SCAAB) initiated these tours which were held on a weekly basis.