The Enterprise Migrant Hostel in Springvale provided accommodation and comprehensive settlement services for migrants and refugees.  Except for a three year closure from 1985–1988, it was open from 1970–1992 and was home to more than 30,000 migrants and refugees from all over the world. 

This website was developed from material which a community group gathered for an exhibition at the Melbourne Immigration Museum and at the Springvale Historical Society.  It documents a very different settlement model from the perspective of people who lived and worked there.  It also documents the unique positive response from the community which had a significant impact on the way in which Springvale and surrounding areas developed.

The material gathered is presented through four pathways:

Exhibition: The Exhibition contains descriptive text about life at Enterprise, quotes from former residents and workers, and photos. It is presented through 12 separate panels which formed the basis of an exhibition at 'Melbourne Immigration Museum' and 'Springvale Historical Society' in 2009. Click here to view.

Video: In the period 2007-2008, Eileen Wright filmed interviews with former residents and workers These interviews were produced into a video entitled 'Voices of Enterprise: Stories from Residents & Staff'. The video runs for 22 minutes and is presented in three parts. Click here to view.

Photo Gallery: Photos have a wonderful way of telling a story. The photo gallery contains a rich collection of over 80 photos depicting the diversity of the everyday lives of the residents and workers. Click here to view.

Stories: Many people told their stories during the development of the exhibition. Some stories were from former residents, describing their journey to Australia, their experiences at Enterprise, their early settlement in the community and their lives as Australian citizens. Other stories were given by former workers and volunteers, describing the impact Enterprise had on them.  Click here to view.

This website pays tribute to the many thousands of people who passed through Enterprise and to those in the community who welcomed them so warmly.  The contribution of them all has given us the widely diverse, vibrant and harmonious community in which we live today.

Enterprise Hostel

Enterprise Hostel

Left: THE OLD... Dreary Nissen Huts for transient migrants at Holmesglen Melbourne.
Right: THE NEW... Aerial view of the new $3,200,000 hostel at Springvale which will accommodate 1000 migrants. 
Photos printed in 'The Sun' August 11th, 1970. Copyright The Herald & Weekly Times